Junior Golf Lessons

Fun and easy to learn

The Junior program is designed to introduce children to the game in a fun environment whilst teaching them the basic fundamentals of the game. It will also teach them important life skills such as patience, dedication and ability to work well in a team environment.

Lessons are conducted individually or in groups with a maximum of 3. Children will be put into groups based on age and golfing experience.

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Lesson Guideline

9 Step Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Golf
• Explanation of syllabus, safety & equipment
• Warm up & Stretching to prevent injury
• Grip, Posture, Alignment followed by a short swing

Lesson 2 – Golf Swing Fundamentals
• 1/2 swing – 3/4 swing
• Weight transfer
• Creating a balanced finish

Lesson 3 – Full Swing / Video Analysis
• 3/4 swing – Full swing
• Fault detection & correction
• Video Analysis to capture and explain flaws

Lesson 4 – Video Swing Analysis Practice
• Practice to fix flaws that were discovered in the video analysis

Lesson 5 – Theory and Pitching
• Pitching Technique
• Rules, safety and Etiquette for golf course
• Proficiency Certification (PC) Theory Test

Lesson 6 – Introduction to Fairway Wood/Hybrid
• Swing practice
• Fundamental on fairway wood/hybrid

Lesson 7 – Chipping, Putting and Bunker
• Technique on Chipping, Putting and Bunker

Lesson 8 – On Course Orientation (2 hours)
• Course Orientation
• On golf course play

Lesson 9 – Re-cap from golf game
• Fixing flaws that were discovered on course
• Questions & Answers about golf game
• Planning your next step in golf

Lesson Rates

Junior Lesson Rates
Group Lesson Rates
Package   8 Weeks Lessons   13 Weeks Lessons
Per Student   S$350   S$480
  • Course duration: Ongoing, 60 minutes per session
  • Frequency: Once a week
  • Class Size: 3-5 persons
  • Location: Varies (To be determined)
  • Timing: To Be Discussed
Private Lesson Rates
Package   No. of Students   Promotion Rate (Per Student)
Individual   1 Student   S$700
2 Students   2 Students in a group   S$500
  • Course duration: 8 x 1 hour
  • Location: Varies (To be determined)
  • Class Size: Not more than 2 persons
  • Timing: To Be Discussed

Junior Golf Lessons Package includes:

  • Free Club Rental

The Fine Print

  1. Each session is estimated to be one hour.
  2. Junior has to be at least 6 years old.
  3. Practice golf clubs will be provided during lessons.
  4. Course contents & fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  5. All fees exclude range balls & green fees.
  6. Rules of Golf booklet & handout will be issued.
  7. Proper Golf attire required.

Notes: Upon completion of lessons, student can acquire the Academy’s Proficiency Certificate

Lesson Venue

** Call us to make an appointment prior to your visit will ensure that you will be served in a timely manner.

Orchid Country Club

1 Orchid Club Rd, Singapore 769162

Batam Golf Course

Jl.Hang Lekiu – Nongsa 29465 Indonesia

Mandai Executive Golf Course

Upper Seletar Reservoir Mandai Road Track 7 Singapore 779384