Intermediate Golf Lessons

Upgrade your golf skills

A programme designed for players who have an existing golf background but are currently stagnating and wish to take their game to the next level.

Number of Lessons:
7 + 3 hrs lessons

For intermediate golfers to attain a handicap or lower their existing handicap within the shortest possible period

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Lesson Guideline

9 Step Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 -Computerized Video Swing Analysis
• Video assessment
• Fault detection & correction

Lesson 2 -Swing Practice & Fixing Technique Errors
• Swing plane & path
• Angle of attack & impact

Lesson 3 -Developing Putting Techniques
• Green reading
• Distance control

Lesson 4 –Developing Sand Play Techniques
• Green side bunker
• Fairway bunker

Lesson 5 –Approach Shot
• 30, 50, 70 Meters
• Pre-shot routine

Lesson 6 –Sloping Lies
• Up & down hill lie
• Ball above and below feet

Lesson 7 –Timing, Tempo & Rhythm
• Long Iron & Fairway woods

Lesson 8 –Driver & Fairway Woods
• Achieving maximum distance

Lesson 9 –On Course Management
• 9-hole course management (2 hours)

Lesson Rates

Private & Group Lesson Rates
Group Lesson Rates
Package   Usual Rate (Per Student)   Promotion Rate (Per Student)
Group   S$500   S$400
  • Course Duration: 10 hours
  • Class Size: Student will join our new or existing group classes based on level
  • Location: Varies (To be determined)
  • Timing: Fixed time slots to choose from
  • Inclusive of Proficiency Certificate
Private Lesson Rates
Package   Usual Rate (Per Student)   Promotion Rate (Per Student)
Individual   S$1200   S$1000
2 Students   S$750   S$650
3 Students   S$600   S$500
4 Students   S$500   S$450
  • Course duration: 10 hours
  • Class Size: Not more than 4 persons (own group)
  • Location: Varies (To be determined)
  • Timing: To be discussed
  • Kindly indicate if you need our help to group you with other intermediate golfers.
  • Inclusive of Proficiency Certificate
  • No promotion for lesson conducted by Jason Tan

Intermediate Golf Lessons Package includes:

* Club Rental during actual lessons and practices
* Advanced Training Aids for Golf Lesson
* Video Analysis & Classroom Training
* PC Test (Worth $120)

Lesson Venue

** Call us to make an appointment prior to your visit will ensure that you will be served in a timely manner.

Orchid Country Club

1 Orchid Club Rd, Singapore 769162

Batam Golf Course

Jl.Hang Lekiu – Nongsa 29465 Indonesia

Mandai Executive Golf Course

Upper Seletar Reservoir Mandai Road Track 7 Singapore 779384